The Sub Rosa Agency is available for projects that might be considered to be of a discreet nature. Our agency is composed of individuals that possess skills in various languages, covert projects (domestic and abroad) marital problems, "communication" problems, corruption-in-business situations, parental kidnaps and scores of areas that would require discreet handling with a view toward the project being a "quiet" one. Other than a corporate charter, we have no other burdensome license or the strictures it would carry. We have contract agents throughout the United States and the Caribbean. No country, however, is without a contact point.

For the past twenty-plus-years we have served/helped/hindered the most-blessed to the most- troublesome/troubled. From the Gucci-set to denim-folks, from Palm Beach to Montecito (..or Brooklyn), we are capable of helping. We welcome your inquiry.

If you wish, we can visit you. On some projects, costs of that visit will be your burden. We have the ability to "distance" you from the project, should you wish. We understand completely the need of sophistication, professionalism and due diligence in all projects. In some cases, a reference may be shared, experience documented all towards the establishment of confidence in you of us. Let us prey.



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